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AdvantaClean of Spring is a Licensed Mold Remediation Company

black mold removal in Spring, TXMold Removal 

In a humid climate like Spring, Texas, mold can multiply anywhere there is moisture that goes unattended. Kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, and attics with hidden leaky pipes or roofs can soak wood, sheetrock and other materials that give mold a chance to grow. Mold slowly becomes both a major health issue and a serious property issue right under your nose. When you think your home or business has mold, you can count on the licensed professionals at AdvantaClean of Spring to remove the contamination safely and efficiently.

Mold Health Problems 

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) strongly recommends that mold remediation professionals be contacted immediately if mold is suspected or discovered in any property. Active mold growth is a serious public health issue because the microscopic spores thoroughly infect the facility’s air duct system. Both the people and the building become affected as the air ducts spread disease and allergic reactions to everyone who lives and works there. 
Airborne mold spores cause all kinds of health problems like nose, throat, and eye irritation, coughing, respiratory infections, and extreme headaches. 

Some people mistake these issues for common seasonal allergies. If you or your property’s occupants are suffering from allergy-like symptoms, you should have the building inspected for mold as soon as possible.
The building is literally sick, just like the people living in it. Visible mold infestations can reduce the value of a home or business by more than 10%. By the time you can visually see the mold growth, it’s probably in places that you can’t see.  

Mold Growth Rate 

Mold growth starts in places that are out of sight and out of mind, especially dark, damp, warm environments, such as on pipe insulation, inside walls, or behind appliances. The problem worsens if the water issues are not discovered and dealt with. The moist environment helps mold spread throughout a building’s walls, floors, and ceilings. Then the mold 

mold remediation in Spring, TX

reproduces spores that are carried through dirty HVAC air ducts to begin to infect the entire building. That’s generally when people notice a musty, moldy smell as soon as they enter the building. In worst cases, people immediately have allergic reactions. 

Visual Signs Of Mold 

Mold can be very difficult to detect because it grows out of sight. The first warnings of a mold problem are usually complaints by building occupants with adverse health symptoms who smell the mold. Then the source of the smell is discovered – and usually there is more than one. This visual growth leads some facility managers, maintenance workers, general contractors and handymen to think they can safely remove the mold.

Mold Remediation Professionals 

However, mold removal should only be performed by a licensed mold remediation services provider such as AdvantaClean of Spring. If disturbed, unseen airborne mold spores will seek out new places to grow. Mold spores are so tiny that you can fit 50,000 mold spores on the tip of a pen!  Any untrained and improperly protected person handling the mold may contaminate the entire building and make themselves sick.

A disciplined removal process starts with containment and cleaning through the use of HEPA vacuuming and HEPA air filtering. Then properly protected specialists perform an antimicrobial wipe-down, often with the addition of other specialized processes and chemicals depending on the severity of the issues. Due to the risks and liability associated with mold contamination, an experienced mold remediation company uses the safest and most effective equipment and procedures.

If proper tools and techniques are not used, any mold spores that remain in the building could cause the mold infestation to return in several other places in the building. For this reason, after the remediation AdvantaClean of Spring offers a third-party clearance testing by an expert mold assessment consultant. 
Don’t take chances with mold remediation. We have successfully removed mold from hospitals, offices, apartments, restaurants and, of course, homes. Protect the people who enjoy your home or business by scheduling a mold inspection from AdvantaClean of Spring today. 

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