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Commercial Services


Commercial Services

If you have commercial water damage, AdvantaClean is happy to help.

Water damage from burst pipes, flooding, hurricanes and other natural disasters can wreak havoc on commercial buildings. Commercial water damage can shut down hotels, hospitals, universities and office buildings, bringing operations to a complete halt. From water extraction to dehumidification, AdvantaClean can handle all of your commercial water damage needs.

When it comes to commercial water damage, AdvantaCleans firsthand experience is nearly unrivaled. AdvantaClean has been instrumental in the recovery efforts of thousands of individual commercial water damage losses, as well as major events including hurricanes, widespread flooding, and other natural disasters.

Our turnkey service capabilities will provide your building with operational continuity in the most efficient and cost effective manner, reducing business interruption. We have a national team of resources available to turn any unfortunate commercial water damage event into a successful restoration project.

Call (912)574-3413  immediately if you have commercial water damage.

AdvantaCleans commercial water damage capabilities:

24-hour emergency service

Rapid response and mobilization

Catastrophe management

Contingency planning

Dehumidification and deodorization

Desiccant drying

HVAC air duct cleaning and decontamination

Mold removal and remediation

Content cleaning and manipulation

Emergency power generation equipment

Call 877.282.2663 immediately if you have commercial water damage from:

Plumbing Failures: Plumbing failures can quickly release hundreds of gallons of water into your building. Malfunctions can be caused by frozen or broken pipes, loose hoses, malfunctioning sprinkler systems and other plumbing sources.

Local Flooding: Unexpected flooding can be caused by sudden, locally heavy rain falls. Intense downpours can quickly flood gutters, downspouts and drains, with the overflow causing severe water damage to your commercial building.

Long-term Humidity and Moisture: Minor leaks are often hidden and easily overlooked but, over time, lead to commercial water damage problems needing repair. Wall cavities, ceilings, hallways, bathrooms and attics are especially susceptible to mold growth and wood rot damage from continued exposure. Vented crawlspaces and basements can also be humid environments, leading to similar commercial water damage and mold issues.

Call  Call (912)574-3413   immediately if you have water damage.