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Mold Removal

mold removal, mold testing, and mold remediation in Shelton, CT


AdvantaClean of Southwest CT is a Licensed Mold Remediation Company

We work with some of the best Mold Assessment Consultants in the Industry and we can guide you through the entire process of mold remediation.

mold removal in Shelton, CTWhat's the Best Way To Handle Mold Removal?

The biggest challenge of mold is that they can grow anywhere – indoor, outdoor, attics, basements, living rooms, restrooms, laundry houses, kitchens etc. Where there is a presence of moisture and water, molds find a humid environment to reproduce and cover the areas of your home or business.

Our mold remediation services include: mold removal, mold testing, indoor air testing, and moisture control. All this is done to determine the exact cause behind the growth of mold in homes or commercial buildings so that our technicians can come up with the right solution for you and your family. AdvantaClean of Southwest CT is a recognized brand when it comes to light environmental services like mold inspection and mold remediation. Our mold removal techniques are based on EPA-approved. They have been trained to offer their services without causing any disruption to people and their property and are dedicated to providing the best customer service. 

Do You Have Visible Mold Growth?

black mold growth in Shelton, CT

If you have a mold problem you are concerned about, most likely you can see visible growth.  Mold growth is normally found in places where moisture is present in the air. Mold also has the potential to make you or your loved ones very sick. Fungal growth contaminates the quality of the air you breath and harms your respiratory system.  At AdvantaClean we are dedicated to making your home safe, happy and healthy. 

We are happy to help you with any mold or moisture issues your home or business is facing! 

For More Information Regarding Our Mold Remediation Services Call AdvantaClean now at (203) 774-9668! 

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