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AdvantaClean is your ultimate service provider in Shelton if you want to prevent problems like flooding, moisture and mold growth in the basement of your building. We are one of the most experienced basement cleaning companies in Shelton. Being in the trade for more than 20 years has given AdvantaClean an edge over run-of-the-mill basement cleaners.  We have a scientific approach towards basement cleaning. AdvantaClean strongly believes that one size does not fit all and hence relies on innovation and customized basement maintenance solutions. Our technicians are well trained in all the aspects of basement cleaning, be it moisture control, redressal of seepage or flooding or mold removal. They can devise out-of-the-box solutions for each problem. With the expertise of AdvantaClean, you can be at ease about the health of your basement.

basement moisture control experts

Homeowners usually do not give due importance to the basement floor of their house. This is because basement is mainly considered as a storage space.  However, in most of the cases, this space is poorly ventilated and is prone to water damage. At times, torrential rains cause flooding in the basement of a house and very often, the walls develop cracks that give rise to seepage. These issues, if not tackled on time, can cause unimaginable damage to the structure of a building.  While flooding affects the foundation of a building directly, any excessive moisture causes mold growth, which in turn leads to foul odor within the basement. To take care of all these issues, you need the services of experts who can give you lasting solutions.

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