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Most of the homeowners and building managers tend to ignore the dryer vents of their laundry system.  However, the fact remains that these are an important set of devices that keeps your laundry well aspirated, thereby allowing it to work at its best and letting you save a handsome amount of money through your energy bills.  If you neglect your dryer vents, they often get clogged with lint and fiber that is a by-product of the washing process.  This blockage impairs the performance of your laundry system and you have to spend more money on its maintenance. In addition to this, your energy bills also inflate as the system uses more electricity to do the same job. Only well-qualified and seasoned technicians have the ability to clean the dryer vents scientifically and keep a laundry system in its best working condition.dryer vent cleaning in Shelton, CT


AdvantaClean of Southwest CT is a dryer vent cleaning company of repute with more 20 years of experience in the field. We have earned the reputation of being one of the most sought after service providers by providing customized dryer vent cleaning solutions to thousands of homeowners. Our technicians come with years of experience and possess all the latest industry certifications. They have a thing for customer satisfaction and thus devise the most suitable and cost-effective cleaning solutions for you. First, they carry out a detailed inspection of dryer vents, assess the blockage and devise customized cleaning solutions accordingly.

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