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This Project Involved A Rectory In Brevard County 

air duct cleaning in Brevard County FL

This residence is a home owned by a church in Brevard County, FL.  

The Problem: 

The subject property was approximately 40 years old.

This case study involved a residential property in Brevard County. It was home to clergy that was having indoor air quality issues with the property.

They first called an industrial hygiene firm.

The company conducted an indoor air quality assessment, and found elevated levels of mold growth within the residence. Mold had spread throughout the home. It was also determined the home had numerous areas of moisture intrusion. 

air duct cleaning plan

The industrial hygiene firm contacted us once mold was detected in the property.  

The occupant was relocated prior to starting our mold remediation process. 

Over years of daily use, tiled showers in the residence had begun to leak. Brittle grout had allowed water in the shower lining to run down, into the pan.  Water had been seeping out, onto the wood studs and adjoining rooms. Carpet tack strips had also been impacted by a buildup of water and moisture.

As a result, we performed a full demolition of the kitchen, master bath, and interior drywall.

The Solution

1. We immediately set air scrubbers and dehumidifiers throughout the property. This is standard procedure when mold is present

2. All affected interior building materials were removed

3. All affected duct work was cleaned, treated or removed

4. We cleaned, treated, and sanitized the entire facility 5. The air handling unit was fully sanitized 

air duct cleaning

The Result 

When our work was completed, the same industrial hygienist  company conducted a post- remediation air sampling test.

We passed the clearance test the first time and turned the property back to the owner.

The total project took about 10 days.