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Case Studies

Air Duct Cleaning

Location: Omaha, Nebraska 68134

Problem: The customer had recently purchased a home and also had a newborn baby.  The previous owners of the home had multiple pets, and he was worried about the amount of dust and pet dander in the HVAC system.

Solution: We were able to clean the HVAC system free of pet dander and debris to the customer's satisfaction.  He gained peace of mind about the air quality in his home, especially in regards to his newborn.

air duct cleaning air vent cleaned

air vent filled with hair air vent cleaned

dirt in system cleaned HVAC system


Location: Omaha, Nebraska 68134 

Problem: The sheathing in the attic at this home was impacted with mold growth.  A major contributing factor we were able to identify was the bathroom fan venting directly into the attic.  When bathroom fans vent into the attic, the attic space can rise in humidity level, especially if the fan is running when the hot water in the bathroom is on.

Solution: We were able to mitigate the mold in the attic using hepa-vacuums, and anti-microbial scrubbing.  We also put the homeowner in contact with a trusted roofing contractor to re-route the bathroom fan so that it would exhaust outside the roof, thus eliminating the excess humidity being displaced into the attic.