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Basement Mold

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Basement Moisture 

                    basement moisture in New Orleans, LA

The basement area in buildings or homes is often neglected and acts mostly as a storage space for equipment such as generators, fire pumps, electrical stuffs and other kinds of dumping material. This place is often visited less by people and so it undergoes low upkeep compared to other parts of a building. However, neglecting this section can be risky as it is susceptible to water leakage, short circuit, and moisture accumulation. So, it may become a breeding ground for mold, dust mites, rodents, and insects. AdvantaClean offers a complete range of basement cleaning services that can eliminate all your concerns.

What We Offer

We offer all types of services related to basements like:

  • Basement inspection: Regular inspection of your basement area can help you detect issues that you can deal with before they become a major headache. Our experts can visit your basement area without charging you a bomb and they can help you detect problems related to mold, water leaks or rodents.
  • Basement cleaning: Basements often become dirty because of the debris that gets piled up in this area. Our experts can clean your entire basement so that there is no scope for the growth of rodents, insects, dirt mites, and molds.
  • Basement weatherproofing: Lack of weatherproofing in your basement can cause humidity, mold, dust mites, rodents and other kinds of harmful things to increase in your basement area.

Why AdvantaClean 

Our experts are well trained and experienced and we offer pragmatic solutions that suit your budget and requirements. That is why thousands of clients in New Orleans only trust AdvantaCleanexperts when it comes to basement-related solutions. So what are you waiting for? Call us now.