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Commercial Services


Commercial Services

Local Commercial Property Environmental Specialists

When you invest in a business, you will do anything you can to protect and prolong the life of that investment. We at AdvantaClean of New Bern and the Crystal Coast fully understand the importance and keeping a commercial property at its highest quality. We also understand that when a business is below-par due to environmental issues, you are at risk of losing money, clientele, and your reputation that you have worked hard to uphold. This is exactly what we have a full team, prepared and trained for Mold Removal and Remediation, Moisture Control Solutions, Emergency Water or Fire Remediation, Flood Clean-Up, Air-Quality Solutions, Crawl Space Solutions, Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer-Vent Cleaning, Coil Cleaning, and entire HVAC system cleaning, specifically for commercial properties.

Certified Commercial Property Professionals

It is important to find a remediation company that is trained, certified, and fully prepared when hiring for your business. To hire a company that has no training or experience in commercial remediation, spells disaster. This can cause you to be out of business for a longer period of time, lose an excessive amount of money, add unneeded stress to you, your family, and your employees, and lead to a failing reputation as a business. AdvantaClean is certified by the IIRC to handle large commercial remediation projects like:

·         Critical care facilities

·         Institutional facilities

·         High security facilities

·         Hospitals and universities

·         High and mid-rise buildings

Protecting Your Investment with AdvantaClean’s Help

Keeping up-to-date with environmental services in a commercial properly is particularly important because of the fact that you are not only affecting the lives of yourself and your own family, but the lives of employees, customers, and their families, as well. To have a mold infestation, dirty air ducts, or dirty coils, is hurting the health and quality of life of everyone in the building. To have dryer vents that have not been cleaned regularly, means putting the people in your building at risk due to a fire hazard. It is of the upmost importance hire a certified professional to take care of these services regularly. When a more serious environmental issue occurs like water damage, fire damage, or flooding, it imperative go get help form a professional as soon as possible so that we can combat secondary issues from occurring. We are prepared with the latest technology and cleaning supplements, most effective tactics, and a trained team of professionals to take on any commercial property project, no matter the size!