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Crawl Space Encapsulation

Wet, Nasty and Smelly Crawl Space Problem EBook

Crawl space

In most places, crawl spaces are neglected and don't receive the proper maintenance. They are usually thought of as a space in home or  buildings where old goods are tucked away. Because of this, crawl space can become a feeding ground for distressing activities that include: 

  • Mold intrusion
  • Excessive moisture formation
  • Bug colonies
  • Standing water
  •  Slumped floor
  • Water leaks
  • Drywall cracks
  • Damaged vents

Lombard Crawlspace Moisture Solutions

crawl space encapsulation in Naperville, IL

AdvantaClean of DuPage County has the best solutions for all kinds of crawl space issues. We take crawl spaces beyond a mere safe place for storing different items. Our encapsulation work makes crawl spaces a healthy space since as much as 40% of the indoor air circulation comes from this part of the house. All our cleaning, repairing, waterproofing and maintenance services for crawl spaces come with warranty.  We also offer free crawl space estimates.

Our specialties include installing moisture barriers, constructing crawl space drainage systems, repairing foundations, checking air quality, extermination of rodents, insects and bacteria, and mending of wet crawl spaces.

Our Crawlspace Services 

  • Enduring structural integrity
  • Less chances of mold & pest intrusion
  • Calibrated moisture level
  • Stronger floors & wooden frames
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • No musty odors
  • Greater energy efficiency

crawl space moisture control and mold prevention in Naperville, IL