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Dryer vent cleaning is not given priority by homeowners, but this is a grave mistake. Due to poor upkeep of the dryer vent area, more than 15,000 fire-related incidents are reported every year. Additionally, dryers having clogged wastes lead to more power consumption and higher utility bills. Thus, you suffer on two counts - safety wise and financially. 
AdvantaClean dryer vent cleaning experts identify a problem, clean vents, remove lints and thus cause air flow to increase effectively. 

dryer vent cleaning in Mount Joy, PA


Identifying a dryer vent problem is not very difficult. If your clothes are taking more time than usual to dry up, it's a tell-tale sign of a problem in the dryer vent area. The following symptoms shall help you in identifying your dryer vent problem: 
•    Longer-than-usual  drying time
•    Lint accumulating on door gasket
•    Dryer often becoming warm
•    Clothes remaining damp even after dryer is turned off
•    Lint building up on heating element 

Our benefits
AdvantaClean dryer vent cleaning services offer the following advantages:
•    Reduce the risk of fire outbreak 
•    Reduce power bills 
•    Reduce maintenance costs 
•    Cause clothes to dry up faster
•    Prevent vent area from overheating

It is important to understand that a clean dryer vent is vital to building safety and efficiency. If you have a laundry area in a commercial building, make sure it is clean and well maintained. We at AdvantaClean are well aware of industry standards and practices in vogue and we have 100% client satisfaction rate. So what are you looking for? Call us and schedule a visit. 
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