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AdvantaClean of North Central New Jersey is a 20-year-old light environmental services company that is known for its quality dryer vent solutions. We serve the whole of North Central New Jersey and Metuchen. Our dryer vent cleaning solutions help ensure that your laundry system works perfectly well for years. We use the most sophisticated tools and technology to ensure that your dryer vents remain blockage-proof.  Our technicians understand the nitty-gritty of dryer vent cleaning and have the ability to clean vents of all shapes and sizes. We fix both residential and commercial laundry systems in the Metuchen area.  With the services of AdvantaClean, your laundry system shall deliver optimal performance all throughout the year.dryer vent cleaning from clogged lint in Morristown, NJ


The dryer vents of your laundry work really hard to expel moisture-laden and hot air out from the system. In this process, most of the lint and fiber produced during the washing process also get out of the system. However, some of it gets trapped in the dryer vents and when it comes in contact with moist air and dirt, it clogs the vents. Over a period of time, this combination starts affecting the performance of your laundry system. Your energy bills become exorbitantly high and your system starts to break down more often. This can burn a big hole in your pocket and in extreme scenarios, may cause a fire outbreak also.  Therefore, it is imperative to get your dryer vents cleaned regularly from a professional agency.

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