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Case Studies


Case Studies

Zammeah B, who runs a small non-profit agency for homeless children says: "This is my second time writing a review for AdvantaClean of North Central New Jersey. They were the first to come to mind when we found a strange mushroom looking substance growing from one of our shelter bathrooms. Some of the residents of our shelter have HIV and some have other respiratory/immune issues so we had to react really quickly. Our past experience with AdvantaClean was so completely professional, courteous and caring, that I knew we could count on them to act fast. Not only did they get out to us immediately, Tim (the rep who came out) was genuinely helpful and concerned about our needs. He assured us it would be taken care of quickly and even gave feedback on how to remedy the larger problem that was causing it. Now to the best part, as a shelter, we are ALWAYS strapped for cash, but we know that for some things we have no choice but to address immediately for the safety of our residents and staff. When I received my invoice, I thought that I was misreading it. I had to email Ian Hororwitz, the General Manager for clarification. Turns out we were credited for the entire amount of the service! I had completely forgotten that he promised to donate $2000 of additional work to us after we used them a year ago. To be honest, people tell us these things often, but conveniently forget when we need them the most so I really never thought about it again. This was not only a pleasant surprise, but just the blessing we needed right now as funds are extremely tight! These guys are real deal humanitarians who sincerely stand by their word, their service and are sensitive to the vulnerable populations we serve. And their WORK IS SUPERIOR! We will never use anyone else that provides the same services as Advanta Clean! They are truly THE VERY BEST!"

Muz S. says: "I called AdvantaClean at night after returning from vacation and had discovered water in the basement from a broken water heater. They answered promptly, and had someone out within the hour. Their whole team was skilled, and had our basement clean, dry and odor free in no time! Extremely professional with excellent communication, either by phone, text or e-mail. Courteous service. Special thanks to Ian and Tim. I strongly recommend them."

Jayne D. says: "Since I have dogs in the house, I was dreading the process of having my hot air vents cleaned because of people going in and out, doors open, noise, etc. I really had nothing to worry about. This was a great experience and I now have clean air! Thank you guys.....prompt, well spoken, courteous, accommodating and clean. I have two laundry rooms so had both of them cleaned as well. I highly recommend." 

"Removed mold in basement allowing me to provide clearance to prospective buyers of my property, thanks to Ian and his crew! They did a terrific job from day one. They were very professional - courteous, clean and on-time. Ian took enough time to explain what he thought was needed and listened to my concerns and situation, but didn't oversell or tell me his life story either. I appreciate that he valued my time. Also, being able to communicate with him via email was extremely helpful. The work was completed exactly as promised and he even followed up to see if the basement passed re-inspection (which it did). I would definitely recommend them!"