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Water Damage


Water damage 

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Minneapolis Water Damage Experts

water damage mitigationwater damage drying Do you have plumbing leak, roof leak or a leaking dishwasher? You may have a water leak or water damage issue

Is your toilet, bathtub, washing machine or sink overflowing? You may have a water leak or water damage issue

Do you see discoloration on the ceiling or have buckled wood floors? You may have a water leak or water damage issue

Do you have a musty odor in your home or building? You may have a water leak or water damage issue

If you are experiencing any of these situations, it is important to act quickly and get professional help, quickly!

If you experience water damage, call the experts at AdvantaClean of SW Minneapolis.We know first-hand how detrimental water damage can be. AdvantaClean of SW Minneapolis water damage mitigation experts are certified by the IICRC and are happy to help you properly address your water damage issue. Our experts use specialized, industry leading equipment allowing us to determine the water damaged areas quickly and efficiently.

Although your insurance company may suggest you work with their preferred vendor, you are not required to. We will be your advocate, to ensure your water damage insurance claim is handled properly. We use industry standard rates our rates are not higher than the preferred vendor your insurance company suggests. In fact, often our customers end up paying less.

AdvantaClean of SW Minneapolis works will all insurance companies and will work to ensure you home is returned to its original state. We will work with your insurance company from start to finish.

Water damage can happen when you least expect it. Our trained professionals are happy to help you properly mitigate the water damage so it does not lead to increase risk in health hazards to your family.

Give AdvantaClean of SW Minneapolis a call for any water damage mitigation needs! (651) 314-1614

Water Damage Mitigation After a Sewage Leak. 

water damage caused by sewage spill in toilet  water damage clean up