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Water Damage



water damage from a flooded bathroom in Milwaukee, WIFor any home or business, intrusion of water into the building, whether the result of a water incursion into the building or a long-standing leak in the roof or plumbing means one thing: your home or business is closed until the damage is repaired.

Our water damage restoration work includes removing water from buildings, moisture control, preventing damage to furniture and other valuables, stopping leakage, and drying the damp and humid part of a building. Once the process is over, we then follow the modern dehumidification process. Our water damage services are suitable for disasters of every scale and size and we have the capability to respond immediately.

24/7 Emergency Services 

Because of the urgent need for speed and competence when restoring a building that has been affected by flooding, AdvantaClean of Suburban Milwaukee provides our clients with 24-hour emergency service, fast response and one of the most capable disaster restoration teams in the industry. 

water damage mitigation water damage technicians in Milwaukee, WI

Our water damage cleanup and restoration services include the following:

  • Inspection of the affected site
  • Fast Response Times
  • Leak detection
  • Water Extraction
  • Drying 
  • Mold Prevention 
  • Moisture Control
  • Free estimate and professional consultation

If you are dealing with water damage it is important that you seek professional help. If water damage sits for too long, moisture and mold problems can occur in your house and hurt your families health. 

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