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AdvantaClean of Hollywood, Aventura, and Pembroke and Pines know how to clean up black mold properly.

Mold growth of any type in a building is unhealthy. Organic materials such as wood, paper, drywall and insulation act as food sources for molds to flourish when given the right conditions. In addition to the health risks, mold also leads to significant damage to the materials it grow on and can even lead to serious structural damage. Experience, commitment to training, and access to resources that will get eh job done properly is critically important when your home or business has a problem. 

Common Mold Issues 

Mold can negatively affect both residential and non-residential properties in Milwaukee. It is unsettling and stressful to home owners and facility managers. Some of the common symptoms of a mold and mildew that can affected your property include:
1. Contaminated air
2. Structural damage
3. Respiratory & skin diseases

Mold can make indoor air more polluted than outdoor air. What’s really alarming is that at present, there are hundreds of different types of mold, half of which are toxic in nature. The presence of excessive moisture is the main reason behind uncontrolled mold growth.

AdvantaClean mold assessments 

We’re an independent contractor who performs recovery and restoration work in mold-affected zones like homes, offices, real estates, schools & universities, supermarkets, warehouses, and industries. Identification and clearing of molds lurking behind dark, damp and musty areas in your property is something our licensed team does best. We provide free consultation and service estimate too.

Your Local, Reliable, Mold Removal Service of choice

Our prompt mold remediation service leaves our clients satisfied and happy. Over the years, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the most reliable and trusted environmental service provider in the Milwaukee region.

We rid indoor air of all contaminants and restore structural integrity. Our affordable and efficient services are offered by certified specialists through an assortment of hi-tech tools. They are carefully designed to leave you healthier and your property more stable. AdvantaClean is dedicated to ridding your home of mold and ensuring your home is safe, efficient, and healthy. 

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mold removal in Milwaukee, WI  mold remediation in Milwaukee, WI

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