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Basement Mold

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basement moisture control solutions in McLean, VA


basement moisture and mold in McLean, VA

Similar to crawlspaces, basements are a very common place for elevated moisture levels and mold growth. Basements have been known to be damp, dreary places. Without proper systems, it is likely your basement can have high levels of moisture, contributing to the potential for mold growth. AdvantaClean of Mclean, Greater Reston, Loudoun experts can provide you with a complete solution to your damp basement. 

Wet basements will cause mold growth through your home. If your basement is a living area it is important to keep it clean. If your basement serves strictly as storage, waterproofing is necessary to not harm your belongings. We offer great basement waterproofing solutions in the area because we want to eliminate your risk of mold growth. Our technicians want to rid your basement of moisture permanently. 

Our basement moisture solutions include: 

  • Moisture Control Testing 
  • Water damage mitigation 
  • Drying 
  • Encapsulation 
  • Vapor Barrier Installations 
  • Mold Testing, Mold Removal, and Mold Remediation 

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