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Case Studies

Full Crawl space Encapsulation with Sante Fe Dehumidifier and Blue Angel Sump Pump

Location: Medford Lakes, NJ 

Problem: Customer noticed standing water build up in crawl space and unpleasant smells coming from crawl space area into home.  Upon inspection of the crawl space, AdvantaClean discovered a significant amount of debris caused by fallen insulation and dirt buildup overtime.  Multiple pipe leaks caused standing water and the potential for mold growth. Crawl space encapsulation had to be performed. 

Solution: After the leaking pipes were repaired, AdvantaClean installed the full AdvantaSeal solution including; the full cleaning of the crawl space to remove all debris and fallen insulation, a high end dehumidifier with an automatic restart, a sump-pump with a battery back up for power failures, and full liner installed on the walls, piers and floor of the crawl space. The crawl space encapsulation will protect them from mold growth.  

crawl space encapsulation and installation of sump pump  crawl space encapsulation with vapor barrier installation   

crawl space encapsulation to protect against mold and moisture   crawl space vapor barrier installation by AdvantaClean

crawl space encapsulation with Sante Fe sump pump

Mold removal on the Ceiling and Dirty Air Ducts

Location: Wilmington, DE 19810air duct cleaning

Problem: Customer contacted AdvantaClean to request assistance with what they felt may be a mold issue.  After careful discussion and analysis with the homeowner, a older a water leak was discovered under the family tub.  This leak caused mold build up in a ceiling which was unseen by the customer due to the fact that a drop ceiling had been installed under the impacted mold area.  Customer also complained of constant allergic symptoms occurring in the "non-allergy" seasons such as winter. Mold removal had to be performed due to the water damage. 

Solution: AdvantaClean located the mold buildup and more importantly the source of the problem.  After the leak was confirmed repaired, AdvantaClean went into action.  Mold removal was performed using a containment structure and negative air pressure to ensure that other areas of the home were not impacted.  AdvantaClean also completed a NADCA certified air duct cleaning to further address the customer's concerns with allergy symptoms.  

The customer was thrilled with the results and went so far as to provide a written testimonial - "I was extremely pleased with the service and attention to detail. I knew what to expect and was very impressed. I would highly recommend AdvantaClean to friends and family."


Location: Mantua, NJ 08051 

Problem: Customer discovered extensive mold on bathroom wall in basement.  The cause of the mold was unknown.  The customer was not sure where to begin as they had tried removing the mold but it kept returning.  Residents of of the home were complaining of significant allergies as a result of the mold presence.

Solution: AdvantaClean was able through a thorough review to identify the multiple sources of water supporting the mold.  Recommendations were made to eliminate a water intrusion to the basement from an outside water well.  This was difficult to diagnose based on the fact that the water was behind existing drywall.  AdvantaClean also identified a poorly routed dryer exhaust vent that was causing surface mold to grow in another area of the same basement.  Once the water issues were resolved, AdvantaClean dug in and removed all mold sources leaving the customer with a mold free basement.

mold removal  mold growth below the pipes of a bathroom wall

 mold removal in the bathroom 

Eliminating Danger from Dryer Fires

Location: Mantua, NJ 08051 

ProblemHomeowner in a Condominium complex was concerned with the potential for dryer fires.  Additionally, the Condo Association required that the homeowner have their dryer vent lines professionally cleaned as a preventative measure. Dryer vent cleaning has to be performed with the build up of lint. 

Solution: AdvantaClean's team of professionals arrived on time and cleaned the dryer vent within 2 hours.  Cleaning out the dryer vent will often improve the dryer performance on top of acting as a critical preventative in potential fires.  We pride ourselves on completing our job in a timely, efficient manner and treating everyone's home with respect.  We even accept a little help from one of the "4-legged residents"!

dryer vent cleaning   dryer vent cleaning to prevent a house fire  


Employees Getting Sick - Solution to Resolve the Mold Issue

Location: Philadelphia, PA 19147

Problem: A large home improvement store reported that several employees were reporting allergy symptoms and sickness caused by their exposure to an employee work area within the building.  The employees noted visible signs of mold growth in the building and an unpleasant smell that was very strong at times.  Symptoms improved when the employees were not in the room in question. Commercial mold removal was performed. 

Solution: The room was inspected by a mold testing professional and it was determined that an elevated level of mold in the room.  AdvantaClean inspected the site and identified the cause significant variance in temperature between the attic immediately above the room, and the room itself.  This difference was causing condensation on the vents which led to the mold growth.  AdvantaClean thoroughly cleaned the room under negative pressure, and provided a NADCA certified air duct cleaning with an anti-microbial fog application.  AdvantaClean also recommended the replacement of the current vents with insulated vents - to prevent condensation buildup in the future.  The recommendation an AdvantaClean remediation efforts eliminated the mold in the room and allowed the employees to get back to work!

mold removal safety  mold removal in a commercial department store mold removal performed in a break room that was making employees sick 

Mold Behind Walls - Hidden Damage

Location: Southhampton, NJ 08088

Problem: A customer was moving some objects around on an enclosed porch and discovered what looked like a modest amount of moldy growth.  To be safe, they decided to call AdvantaClean for a professional opinion.  A water leak was discovered during the inspection that was going into the wall cavity.  It was determined that mold remediation was needed. 

Solution: During the mold remediation process, it was discovered that the mold growth on the outer wall layer had started deep within the walls and had spread much further than what was visible on the the outermost layer.  Fortunately, this was identified during proper mold removal protocols, which eliminated the possibility of further contamination.  All mold was removed and or treated with anti-microbial to bring the indoor air quality back to normal levels and ready for re-construction.

mold removal in Southhampton NJ black mold on an enclosed porch 

mold extraction mold from a water damage

Clogged Vent - Air Circulation Issues Caused Mold Growth

Location: Collingswood, NJ 08105

Problem: In spite of a homeowners best efforts to remove mold from various areas within the family bathroom, the growth continued to re-appear over the course of several months.  The homeowner was suffering from significant allergic issues and needed to resolve the issue once and for all.

Solution: AdvantaClean investigated the room as well as the attic space immediately above the room.  The recommendation was a full mold remediation, and more importantly, ventilation repairs to the fan unit in that bathroom.  During the mold remediation process, AdvantaClean was able to take a closer look at the fan unit under conditions that prevented the spread of the mold.  There was a full clog of the fan which was quickly remedied, by our efforts.  The end result was a mold free bathroom with better overall air quality and a happy customer! 

mold growth in the air duct