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Commercial Services


Commercial Services

Servicing Commercial customers is our strength. We know commercial buildings. With more than twenty-five-year experience in commercial interior construction, in our operations team, we know how commercial building interiors can be constructed, repaired, and rebuilt. We know how to address environmental cleaning, including air duct cleaning and mold remediation without interrupting your normal business activity. We've done this in high-end strip mall stores, commercial business offices, medical procedure offices and hotel rooms, all without interrupting regular guests,customers, or patient activity.

Call us to inspect your building space, air conditioning ducts, and air conditioning coils for suspicious mold stains, poor air quality may be due to mold build-up in air ducts,or in roof-top, in-room or ground-level air conditioning coils that have not been cleaned in six months or longer. 

For more information about our commercial services, call us today! (502) 771-3188