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Mold Removal

AdvantaClean Twenty Two Years in Business


Mold, the last place we want it is attaching itself to surfaces in our home. Mold reproduces in humid temperatures and is found in areas like showers, basements, and damp surfaces.

Mold has the ability to cause many problems once spread. Removing mold requires proper training, chemicals, and equipment. AdvantaClean of Little Rock has certified, trained professional that will meet with you to discuss a plan for mold testing and remediation. Each AdvantaClean technician is trained on proper mold removal and mold remediation procedures and will have your home up and running efficiently.

Don't let mold become a detrimental cause of your family's health! Did you know that black mold is often toxic and you can develop serious respiratory issues if you are exposed to mold for long periods of time? Don't let mold take over your life, call AdvantaClean of Little Rock today!

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