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coil cleaning in Kendall FL

Coil Cleaning in Kendall, FL

Coil cleaning

Did you know that the evaporator coils found in your property’s air conditioner unit can be a source of several different problems that can affect your health and finances? The coils found in the AC unit can become contaminated and that can lead to mold growth that can affect your property’s air quality. The contamination can also put extra stress on the AC unit and make it run less efficiently and shorten its operating lifespan. This is why coil cleaning is an important part of any HVAC maintenance plan. 

Better air quality for you and yours

Contaminants can bypass filters in your AC unit and settle in the coils. This area can then become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. If this is left unchecked, it can eventually have a negative effect on the quality of air entering the building. This mold can be a serious irritant to those who have allergies, asthma or other breathing issues. The humid weather season in Kendall, FL, will also help any mold present to grow unchecked. A thorough servicing and coil cleaning can help remove these contaminants before they affect you and your tenants. 

Clean coils mean a more efficient AC-unit 

Due to the climate in Kendall, FL, air conditioning units can be more susceptible to several types of contaminants that can plague your HVAC system. From dirt, molds, and other matter, your AC can become clogged and a coil cleaning will be needed. Contaminated coils in your AC unit can lead to many issues with your system. The biggest is that the unit will run less efficiently. As the dirt and outside contaminants build up, your AC system’s coils cannot process the air as efficiently and will have to work much harder to keep doing its job. This extra stress will drain more electricity, which means more money out of your pocket when the unit is in use. The extra stress from dirty coils will also shorten the system’s lifespan. It becomes a vicious cycle as the AC works harder and more dirt piles up in the coils. Eventually, the system breaks down which means costly repairs or replacement. A good coil cleaning will keep the system running efficiently and help extend the life of your Kendall, FL, property’s air conditioning unit. 

When should you schedule a coil cleaning?

For residents who rely on their AC units in the hot summer months, the springtime is a great time to call for yearly coil cleaning service. A service visit before the temperature starts to rise means your AC unit will be running smoothly during the hottest of days. The servicing and coil cleaning for your AC should only be performed by a licensed HVAC expert who has the proper tools and supplies. This will ensure you AC keeps running cleanly and efficiently in your Kendall, FL, property.

Our licensed HVAC technicians are ready to perform a routine coil cleaning that will ensure that your property’s HVAC system is performing to the best of its abilities. 

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