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Basement Mold

Wet, Nasty and Smelly Crawl Space Problem EBook


Basements are often the dampest part of a house because of the way they are built. They are below ground level and if not properly sealed, allow leakage, creating a damp space. Basements also tend to be improperly ventilated and lack a dehumidifier to combat moisture. The professionals at AdvantaClean of the Heart of America will help you identify the cause of basement moisture and how to end it. 

How we bring added value:  We can bring certified professionals to address foundation problems and cracks, which allow moisture to enter the basement area.  If you have a finished living area in your basement, the introduction of moisture can promote mold growth, affecting air quality and leads to a musty, mildew odor.

For more information about controlling moisture in your basement, see energy.gov 


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