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AdvantaClean of Jacksonville is your sure-shot way to get quality dryer vent cleaning solutions. We are a nationally recognized light environmental services company with specialty in dryer vent cleaning. AdvantaClean has been in business for over 20 years and has served thousands of property owners with their customized services. We offer our services for both commercial and residential buildings from Jacksonville to Palm Coast. We have a team of seasoned technicians who understand every aspect of dryer vent cleaning.  With their expertise and experience, they ensure that your laundry system performs seamlessly for years.  AdvantaClean is a company that strongly believes in customer service and thus strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in every assignment it takes up. dryer vent cleaning in Jacksonville, FL


The dryer vents of a laundry system perform the important task of expelling hot and moisture-laden air out.  In the washing process, a lot of lint and fiber are produced that are also thrown out by the dryer vents. However, almost 30% of the lint produced gets stuck within the vents.  When this trapped lint comes in contact with dust and moist, it blocks the vents. This sticky blockage gets worse with time and starts damaging the whole laundry system. You have to spend hard-earned dollars on frequent repairs on one hand and pay heavy energy bills on the other. Getting dryer vents cleaned from professionals is the only way out of this vicious circle. Only professionally trained hands can keep your dryer vents free from blockage.

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