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We proudly service Sunny Isles, FL


These are Some of the Neighborhoods We Service Regularly: Highland Oaks, Sunny Isles Beach, Biscayne Bay, The Pinnacle,Golden Shores


AdvantaClean of Hollywood, Aventura, and Pembroke Pines loves to service Sunny Isles due to their beautiful homes. We love getting to restore homes to be in their healthiest condition. 

Sunny Isles, FL Case Studies

Water Heater Leak Water Damage


Problem: Water Heater had a leak and the water migrated all the way down and affected 3 apartments. We were called to attend one of the affected apartments. There was water in the kitchen and dining room. The wall cavities

Solution:  We injected the walls with hot air from our Injectidri machine. Hydroxyl generators were used to control the odor as well as Hepa filters. Dehumidifiers also helped us to control humidity. The apartment was dry on the 5th day and mold growth was prevented because the drying process was done just in time.

water damage in Sunny Isles FL  water damage mitigation- Sunny Isles FL 

water damage repair and moisture testing in Sunny Isles FL  

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Dishwasher Leak Water Damage Restoration

Location: Sunny Isles, FL 33160

Problem: AdvantaClean of Hollywood, Aventura and Pembroke pines received an Emergency call from a family in Sunny Isles Florida. The call was about a water leak in their kitchen. Our on call team rushed to the home. Responding quick is key in any water damage, to prevent further damages and microbial activity. The source of the damage was the supply line hose that went to the dishwasher bursted sending water all thought out the kitchen cabinet and also the wall cavities. As per initial inspection, homeowner noted that he saw water on the floor cleaned it and minutes later noticed more water in the same spot, he immediately called us to detect water leak. They were concerned because they have a small baby and did not want mold growth in there kitchen. 

Solution: AdvantaClean after detecting leak with thermal imaging, advised owner that water source must be corrected in order for dry-out to be effective. Plumber was called immediately onsite and he replaced broken hose. 

Our IICRC certified technicians began logging and documenting scope of work. Top of the line drying equipment was placed damaged areas. Kitchen cabinets had to be restores and therefore Injecti wall cavity drying equipment was placed. This is a system helps lure moisture trapped behind drywall by moving dry air though wall cavity. It`s considered a non-invasive drying method. Dehumidifiers were also placed to make sure moisture is removed properly. Fans also placed to move air and make drying process quicker. 

We always applied antimicrobial to prevent mold growth. This homeowner opened an insurance claim, we billed insurance directly and presented all proper paperwork. AdvantaClean did not charge client anything for emergency services due to insurance coverage, this is very handy when acting fast is important and essential for a healthy home and business.





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