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mold removal, air duct cleaning, water damage mitigation, and crawl space encapsulation in Gastonia NC

Case Studies

Emergency Commercial Water Damage

Location: Gastonia, NC 28054

Problem: Retail Eyeglass Store had a sewage backup that was coming out of four floor drains. The backup was caused by a city waste line that was clogged. The sewage covered the entire 5000 square foot store and forced it to close its doors. The city worked through the night to clear the backed-up line. 

Solution: We arrived on location at 6:00 PM on Friday and evaluated the damage in the store. The entire store had standing water and sewage on the carpet and hard surface areas. We immediately started the extraction process, removing the water and sewage from the affected areas. After extraction, we evaluated the floor coverings and started to remove carpet and other coverings. We also found that the moisture was affecting the drywall walls and cabinets. We removed the cabinets, base molding, and lower part of the drywall and wall surfaces to clean the affected areas. All demo and drying was completed in 5 days and store was ready for reconstruction. 

commercial water damage in Gastonia, NC commercial water damage from an overflown toilet  

water damage in a local glasses store  commercial water damage drying

Mold and Moisture in Crawlspace

Location: Denver, NC 28037

Problem: Homeowner found a small amount of mold on his floor joists and discovered that his vapor barrier was torn and didn’t cover the entire crawlspace. He wanted a solution to remove the mold and to install a new vapor barrier. 

Solution: AdvantaClean mold remediation & moisture control was performed. We did a complete remediation of the entire crawlspace and installed a full 12 Mil vapor barrier. The vapor barrier was covered the ground and was attached to the perimeter of the walls 12 inches high.  The space is now free of mold and excess moisture. 

water damage and moisture in the crawl space crawl space mold growth in Gastonia NC

crawl space moisture control vapor barrier  crawl space encapsulation in Gastonia NC

Odor and Mold in an Office Building

Location: Denver, NC 28037

Problem: The owner of the office space started to notice a musty odor and see mold growth on an area rug, as well as on the hardwood floor beneath it. They also noticed some mold growth on a desk in the same area. The issue appeared to be coming from the concrete slab below.

Solution: AdvantaClean arrived and did a site evaluation. We found that there were elevated moisture levels in the building and occupants were experiencing symptoms. We recommended a certified Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) be brought in for further testing and to write a protocol for the removal process. Once the IEP had completed testing and written the protocol AdvantaClean remediated the entire office area, including removal of a portion of the hardwood floor, in accordance with the protocol. The HVAC system was also cleaned to the NADCA standard. The project passed the IEP’s clearance on the first attempt. The area was put back by a contractor and the staff was back working in their offices in no time.

black mold removal in Gastonia NC mold growth in office in Gastonia NC 

black mold removal in a home office in Denver NC