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Ft Lauderdale AC Coil Cleaning

Ft Lauderdale Coil Cleaning

Coil cleaning is a necessity to help maintain you're business heating and cooling system. Not only will it improve the air quality by keeping contaminates away, it also improves the efficiency of the unit. AdvantaClean of Ft Lauderdale cares about the functionality of your HVAC systems and we will make sure that the coil cleaning is done right!


Coil cleaning helps you save money, decrease energy consumption, and improves your indoor air quality. A dirty air conditioning coil increases power costs, decreases the HVAC system potential, and may deter your building or home’s indoor air quality. At AdvantaClean of Ft Lauderdale, we specialize in coil cleaning for residential, commercial, and governmental facilities.

We know how important it is to have your air conditioner running efficiently, especially in the Sunshine State heat. We also know how crucial it is to be able to breathe easy with great air quality. It has been proven that property owners are wasting energy and money by forcing their heating and cooling systems to run with contaminated and clogged coils.


Dirty Coils Ft Lauderdale

When air flows over the air conditioner coils, contaminants such as dirt, mold spores, moisture and pollen collect and settle on the air conditioning coils. This can potentially turn the coils into breeding area for bacteria, mold and mildew, compromising indoor air quality.

When the air conditioning coils become polluted, the air conditioning system has to work harder. This causes more energy consumption— raising energy costs.

If you don't regularly have coil cleaning done on your Ft Lauderdale coils:

  • Contaminated air conditioning coils will extend energy costs
  • Dirty air conditioning coils can potentially decrease the lifespan of the heating and air conditioning system
  • Contaminated air conditioning coils can decrease the quality of a building’s indoor air quality
  • Dirty conditioning coils diminish the performance of the HVAC system

Regular coil cleaning offers the following benefits:

  • Removal of harmful bacterial growth
  • Helps to prevent contagious illnesses that can be transmitted from and through the air handling unit
  • Eliminates odors created from microbial or mold growth
  • Reduced energy usage and greater control of the temperature in the conditioned area

Ft Lauderdale Coil Cleaning Experts

AdvantaClean of Ft. Lauderdale provides coil cleaning services to all of Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Lauderdale by the Sea, Plantation, Oakland Park, Weston, Wilton Manors, and surrounding areas.

Contact AdvantaClean, your Ft. Lauderdale, FL coil cleaning experts. We are focused on delivering great customer service via fast solutions and long term cooling efficiency for all of our customers.

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