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Moisture Control

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moisture control services in Flower Mound, TX


Moisture has the potential to ruin the structure of your home. Moisture can cause the durability of your home to weaken if it is not properly addressed. Most moisture problems are found in attics, basements, and crawl spaces but other common places they are found are in the kitchen and bathroom. Moisture will create mold growth if you are not careful. Your home or businesses health can become at risk if moisture comes in contact with it. 

moisture in Flower Mound, TX

How do you know if my house has a moisture problem? 

  • Mold Growth Covering the Walls 
  • Musty Oder 
  • Condensation on the Windows 
  • Water Damage 
  • Structural Damage such as wood rot, damp sheet rock, and buckling floors 

Our flower mound moisture services 

  • Crawl Space Encapsulations 
  • Basement and Attic Ventilation 
  • Dihumidifiers 
  • Mold Removal, Mold Testing, and Moisture Control 
  • Water Damage Clean Up

If you need moisture control services don't wait to call a professional. AdvantaClean of Flower Mound knows that if excessive moisture starts to accumulate your home, you are going to experience mold growth. Get to the source of your mold and moisture problems today! 

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