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Basement Mold

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Basement moisture 

basement moisture in Fairfax, VA

AdvantaClean: For Lasting Basement Waterproofing Solutions

AdvantaClean of Fairfax offers complete basement waterproofing and maintenance solutions. We have been in the business of basement cleaning and maintenance for more than 20 years. With our expertise and experience, we have devised innovative waterproofing solutions that are meant to cater to individual needs. AdvantaClean believes that every basement has its unique waterproofing and moisture control needs. Thus, our technicians do a thorough inspection of a basement and then devise customized waterproofing solutions for it. Our technicians have a flair for customer services and all of them are industry certified. With the waterproofing, moisture control and mold removal services of AdvantaClean, you can enjoy hassle-free living for years.

The Basement of Your Building is an Important Space, It Deserves Professional Care

A leaking basement has far-reaching consequences for a house and if it is a commercial building, the repercussions can be more risky than you can imagine. The basement of a building has the dual function of supporting the outer structure and protecting the foundation. As a basement is located underground, water seepage may happen from every corner. Any seepage in the basement area may lead to a wet floor and flooding. Both the conditions can affect an entire building adversely. While a wet floor gives rise to mold, growth of harmful bacteria and allergens, flooding can weaken the foundation of the building.

 Imagine the cost of repairing the foundation of your house and you will understand the importance of keeping the basement dry.  A wet basement is not only detrimental to the stuff you store there, it also becomes a breeding ground for pathogens. To keep your basement moisture-free, you need the expertise of professional basement cleaners who can offer you long-lasting solutions.

Many basements are prone to excessive moisture due to a variety of construction and environmental factors. The most common issues we find are ineffective grading around the home, a lack of properly functioning gutters or downspouts and inadequate ventilation.moisture control in Fairfax, VA

Before you try any basement moisture solutions, it’s essential to first correctly identify the source of the issue. AdvantaClean’s professionals are trained to accurately diagnose the source of excessive basement moisture, after which they will begin formulating a plan to address the problems.

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