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The "M" Word

What is mold? Found almost everywhere in every season is a fungus made up of microscopic spores. With tens to hundreds of thousands different types of mold that can survive in both cold and hot conditions, mold can be a scary topic. Mold is airborne and can reproduce rapidly in the right conditions.

The Center for Disease Control ( warns of potential health risks caused by mold. If you think mold is in your home, contact AdvantaClean of NW Chicagoland, a professional mold detection and removal company, for remediation.

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Why does mold grow? 

Unless you live in a Cleanroom, mold spores are in your home. However, for mold spores to turn into growing mold, mold needs three things to grow:

Food - mold can feed on both porous and non-porous material from drywall to books to couches to the dust on drywall. Unfortunately, food for mold is everywhere in homes.

Right Conditions - because of the many types of mold, mold can grow from temperatures ranging from 32 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.Mold does not die however if the temperatures are outside that range. Instead, mold will become dormant until temperatures are back to ideal conditions for their growth.

Moisture -this element will activate mold growth in the home and must be controlled. Moisture from a leaking pipe, excess humidity, or even condensation must be addressed for mold not to return, even after mold remediation.

If you're buying, selling, or living in a home with mold, the value of your health and home are not where they should be.

Contact AdvantaClean today to professionally clean the mold in your home. 

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