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Coil Cleaning

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Coil Cleaning

Heat pumps and air conditioners use two sets of coils that circulate the refrigerant to heat and cool your home. The evaporator coil sits inside the indoor air handler (also called the blower). Its purpose is to collect the heat from your home in the summer. 

Heat pumps use this coil in the winter to transfer the heat from the refrigerant into your home’s air. The second coil sits in the outdoor condenser, where it’s also involved in the heat exchange process. 

coil cleaning in Dublin OH

importance of coil cleaning 

Coil cleaning promote energy efficiency and good indoor air quality. The compressor in the A/C unit circulates the refrigerant through the outdoor coil to dispel the heat collected from your home in the summer. In the winter, heat pumps collect the heat from the outdoor to warm the refrigerant. 

Dirty coils in either the air handler or the condenser slow the heat exchange process, driving your energy costs upward. Dirt on the outdoor coil can cause corrosion that ultimately results in refrigerant leaks. Inside, a dirty evaporator coil spreads some of the dust it collects throughout your home each time the fan inside the air handler runs. 

Another problem a dirty coil creates is mold growth. Summers are humid and the evaporator coil serves as the perfect host for mold growth. Moisture from the air condenses on the coil, providing the ideal environment for mold spores to grow. Besides the loss of cooling efficiency, the fan will circulate mold spores through the ducts and into the air every time it runs. 

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When to Clean

If you haven’t kept up with air filter changes for your HVAC system, you may need to coil cleaning sooner rather than later, preferably before the advent of summer in Dublin. Moldy odors or consistently dusty indoor air also indicate dirty coils that coil cleaning will stop. 

A frozen evaporator coil also points to the need for coil cleaning. Dust and biofilm growth often causes a frozen coil. Letting your system run with a frozen coil can cause the compressor to burn out, which is a costly repair and largely avoidable with routine coil cleaning.

Just before the cooling season starts, it’s a good idea to hose off the outdoor condenser coil and remove any vegetation or debris that obstructs it. A light spray of the hose may be all that’s needed to dislodge the dust. If the grime has accumulated, you may need a professional to apply special cleaners before coil cleaning to return the coil to its original condition.

how to choose a coil cleaning company

The evaporator coil can be difficult, if not impossible, to reach for the average homeowner. Look for a company licensed to work in Dublin, OH, on HVAC equipment, including ductwork and coil cleaning, mold removal and remediation and moisture control. Your indoor air will be cleaner, you’ll avoid preventable air conditioner breakdowns, and lower your energy bills. 

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