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AdvantaClean has water in its DNA. After Hurricane Andrew crashed through southern Florida in 1992, it caused catastrophic wind and water damage to thousands of homes and businesses. At the time, it was the worst hurricane to ever hit the U.S. AdvantaClean worked around the clock to help home and business owners rebuild. We’ve been dedicated ever since then to always be prepared to help our customers recover from water-related emergencies.

Water may be essential to life, but in certain circumstances, it can be extremely destructive to property. Whether it’s a major flood or a minor leak, water can be a seriously expensive problem. At AdvantaClean of Metro Denver, we know water emergencies should be handled quickly and efficiently so that businesses can resume normal operation and displaced homeowners’ families can return home. That's why our water damage professionals are ready when you call any time, day or night. We’ll follow a three-step process to get your property back to normal as soon as possible.

First - Water Removal

Your home or business may literally under water in an extreme flood. AdvantaClean’s technicians are well-trained and equipped to respond to extreme water emergencies anytime. Whether it’s an inch of water or several feet, we can dry out everything so that repairs can be started. Our investments in the latest and greatest water removal equipment have made us one of the largest water removal contractors in the nation.

Second- Water Damage Repair

Water can seriously damage your property in a flash. Literally, flash floods can almost immediately break windows and doors, not to mention destroy walls, floors, insulation, and furnishings. After a water-related emergency, AdvantaClean is able to support water damage repairs from minor cleaning to extensive remediation. We will work with you to repair flooring, framing, walls, ceilings, basements, counters, roofs, and any other area of your property affected by excessive water. 

Finally- Insurance Claims

Working with property and flood insurance carriers can get complicated during a water disaster. Thanks to our years of experience, AdvantaClean has worked with most major insurance providers. We’re more than able to document and detail all of the damage and repairs to their expectations. You can rest assured that when you call AdvantaClean of Metro Denver to handle your water emergency, we will help you file a successful claim with your insurance provider. 

AdvantaClean has remediated and repaired some of the worst water-damage properties possible in the greater Metro Denver area. We are committed to helping you get your home or business back to normal as soon as possible. It’s in our company’s DNA. When water intrudes on your life, call AdvantaClean for an immediate consultation.



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