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Moisture Control

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Moisture can go unnoticed and can cause structural damage to your building. Irrespective of the size or construction quality, every structure is susceptible to moisture damage, which may be caused by rainwater leakage, moist air, groundwater or seepage in the basement. The most common signs of moisture damage are musty odor, mold growth, wall peeling and allergic reactions in inhabitants. The moment you witness any of these signs, the best thing that you can do is seek professional help. This is because only professionally trained technicians can determine the real cause of moisture damage and employ the most suitable solutions.

Moisture solutions in concord 

moisture control in Concord, NC

AdvantaClean is a nationally recognized name in the field of light environmental services, especially moisture control. We have been devising customized moisture control solutions for more than 20 years.  Our technicians are industry-certified and have the ability to find and fix the most intricate of moisture- related issues. AdvantaClean is a company that strongly believes in customer satisfaction, which means that you can expect highly reliable and cost-effective moisture control solutions from us. Our engineers and technicians visit your premises as soon as they get a call from you and conduct a comprehensive assessment of your building. They use the latest technology and tools to protect your building from moisture-related issues.

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