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As a home or business owner, few things are more disheartening than water damage. Water damage can occur from flooding or leaky pipes, but the results are often catastrophic to property and finances. Water damage can also be emotionally devastating, as you lose cherished belongings to flood water. It may seem like you will never get your place back to the way it was before, but trained AdvantaClean professionals in Colorado Springs, CO, are ready to help with all your water damage restoration needs.

Top causes of WATER DAMAGEWater Damage Caused by Burst Pipe

1. Leaky Pipes

You'd like to think that if you had a leaky pipe you'd know. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Pipes can leak between walls and under floors for weeks and even months without the home owner being aware. By the time a water stain appears or the floor begins to buckle, the water damage is already severe. AdvantaClean of Pikes Peak offers 24/7 service to help you with water removal no matter when the problem occurs. They are trained to assist in identifying the source of the leak, cleaning up the mess, and restoring damaged structures.

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2. Flood Damage

Flood damage is an especially heartbreaking problem. Most lose precious items when flood waters invade the home and no one wants to have to deal with water damage to the structure as well. Advantaclean's professionals in Colorado Springs, CO, provide 24/7 emergency services available. They'll assess your flood damage and begin the tedious process of cleaning up, drying out and fixing damaged structures. Whether your basement is flooded by a faulty sump pump or a nearby water source rises beyond its banks, these professionals can help you restore your property to what it was before the waters came.

Dangers of Water Damage

Aside from being messy and stressful, water damage from leaky pipes or floods can be hazardous to your health. Water damage can compromise the structural integrity of floors and walls, making it unsafe to stand on damaged wood. Leaky pipes left in walls or under floors can cause mold to grow, creating a toxic breathing environment for family and pets. Some molds can be especially dangerous, posing deadly risks to those with underlying medical conditions. Our trained professionals in Colorado Springs are available at all hours to help you discern the risks posed by the water damage in your home, whether it be soggy floor boards or possible mold contamination on surfaces and in the air. They will handle all your water damage restoration needs from determining the cause, assessing health risks, cleaning up the mess, drying the damaged area, and finally, repairing or replacing the structures that are too badly damaged to be repaired. Don't take water damage into your own hands. Hire trained to professionals to tackle the big and stressful job of dealing with your water damage.

Colorado Springs Water Damage Restoration


Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. Everything we do for you reflects that goal. So put your trust in Colorado Springs market leader for water damage restoration and let us turn your water damage, mold or sewage cleanup problems into solutions! 

That’s why AdvantaClean of Pikes Peak is available 24 hours a day to handle water extraction, fix water damage, perform the water cleanup and provide emergency water damage restoration in  Colorado Springs when a leak, water damage or flood damage happens. We will be there, calmly and professionally, to regain control, stop further water damage and manage the recovery process.

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