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Our Peyton, CO service categories include:

  • Mold inspection, mold testing and mold removal
  • Water damage restoration and mitigation
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Moisture control services
  • And other related services

Peyton, CO Case Study 

Colorado Springs Water Damage Mitigation from Pipe Burst in Basement Bedroom

Location: 80831 

Customer: Andrew 

Problem: A pipe burst in the wall of a basement bedroom.  This clean water break affected multiple rooms including a bedroom, hallway, and kitchen area of basement recreation room. Interior walls, exterior walls, flooring and cabinetry were affected. 

Solution: Dry out affected areas using a dehumidifier and fans. An asbestos test was performed on all surface materials requiring demolition per Colorado State law. Demolition of all affected walls which had wet insulation affected by the loss was scheduled after the asbestos testing came back negative. Demolition was necessary due wet insulation in the walls. Kitchen cabinetry, flooring and drywall and insulation were removed. A wipe down all affected areas after demolition was performed. 

Before Photos 

Peyton, CO water damage  water damage from moisture under the carpet in Peyton, CO

water mitigation and drying to save this Peyton, CO home  water soaked through the carpet and into the drywall of this Peyton, CO home  

After Photos

 removed the walls in the bedroom in a Peyton, CO home  after photos of water damage clean up from flooding

wall extraction to prevent mold  the bar was the only thing in this Peyton, CO home that was not damaged from water

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