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Duct Cleaning

Advantaclean has been in business for 22 years

Air Duct System in a Government Facility

Duct Cleaning

AdvantaClean has been a trusted provider of air duct cleaning in government buildings since 1994.

Whether you are looking to improve your facility’s indoor air quality, save money on energy, or provide a cleaner, healthier work environment for your patients, customers or employees, air duct cleaning can make a difference.

In all types of government buildings, contaminants like dust, bacteria and mold accumulate in a building’s HVAC system and ductwork over time.  Dirty air ducts and coils are easy to neglect but can create costly issues for property managers, facility managers and building occupants. Constantly circulating dust, mold and pollen throughout the facility can lead to employee illness or allergy symptoms resulting in reduced productivity.

Call AdvantaClean today for a free air duct cleaning evaluation and estimate. An experienced government air duct cleaning technician will inspect your system, evaluate the conditions, and discuss cleaning options with you. We will provide a cost estimate based on your choice of services and can complete air duct cleaning on your schedule, discretely, with minimum disruption.

We have completed hundreds of governmental duct cleaning projects in:

  • Critical care facilities
  • Institutional facilities
  • High security facilities
  • Hospitals and universities
  • High and mid-rise buildings

Need ease of purchase? AdvantaClean is a GSA contract holder for government air duct cleaning. By using a contract such as AdvantaClean’s GSA schedule, government project managers and purchasing agents can easily take advantage of pre-arranged discounts.

The General Services Administration allows us to provide turnkey environmental and HVAC air duct and coil cleaning services to any area of the Federal Government. Our GSA contract is user friendly and is based on unit rates (quantities) that provide a basis for Firm-Fixed-Pricing, eliminating the risk of additional cost to your budget.

AdvantaClean can provide the following services under our GSA contract:

  • HVAC air duct cleaning and disinfecting
  • Coil cleaning and sanitization
  • Indoor air quality testing and assessments
  • Environmental (mold) remediation

Let AdvantaClean make your buying decision easy.

  • Where do you stand on energy consumption?
  • What are you doing to decrease spending by 11% and improve the air quality in your building?
  • Did you know that air duct and coil cleaning can actually save you money?

See how one federal facility did it. Click here to read a big time success story and get additional information about how you can bring these benefits to your building.

Buy from us through the GSA schedule.

Call 877.282.2663 today to discuss your indoor air quality needs or to schedule a free facility assessment.