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Coil Cleaning

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Coil Cleaning

If you could save money, decrease energy consumption and improve the indoor air quality of your facility at the same time, what would that be worth to you?

  • A dirty air conditioning coil will increase power costs.
  • A dirty air conditioning coil will decrease the ability of the HVAC system to work to its full potential.
  • A dirty air conditioning coil will shorten the life of the HVAC system.
  • A dirty air conditioning coil may compromise a building’s indoor air quality.

The General Services Administration allows us to provide turnkey environmental and HVAC air duct and coil cleaning services to any portion of the Federal Government. Our GSA contract is user friendly and is based on unit rates (quantities) that provide a basis for Firm-Fixed-Pricing, eliminating the risk of additional cost to your budget.

AdvantaClean can perform this service under our GSA schedule.

Coil cleaning is important and can save your facility money on energy costs.

Air conditioner coil cleaning should be near the top of every building’s maintenance list. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Energy (DOE) have found that dirty condenser and evaporator coils can significantly increase HVAC energy usage and associated utility costs in government buildings.

A dirty air conditioner coil can increase energy consumption by 30%, according to the US DOE. Additionally, the federal government’s Energy Star 

Government AC Evaporator Coil to be Cleaned

program asserts that as much as half the energy used  in federal buildings goes toward heating and cooling. Experts contest that building owners are wasting energy by forcing their heating and cooling systems     to struggle with dirty, clogged coils that make HVAC systems run longer and harder than necessary.

Recently, a ground breaking study was presented by ASHRAE on the benefits of air conditioning coil cleaning on energy costs.  Until now, little actual testing data existed to prove this point.

The results of the air conditioning  coil cleaning study were astounding:

  • The cleaning of one air handler led to energy savings of up to $40,000 (air conditioning coil cleaning had not been performed in over a year, and the air conditioning coil was over 30 years old.)
  • The same restoration resulted in a 14% decrease in the pressure drop across the air conditioning coil, resulting in increased airflow.
  • The air conditioning coil cleaning also provided an increase of 19 to 22 tons cooling capacity.


  • HVAC system performance was increased and more closely performed to its original intended specified operation.

    The cost of dirty coils

  • After air conditioning coil cleaning and regular maintenance, the HVAC system was cleaner  and did not provide an environment for     fungal, bacterial or mold growth.
  • The awareness of good IAQ was increased in
  • the building and overall comfort and work effectiveness was enhanced.

AdvantaClean can also perform this service under our GSA schedule.

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