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Jeff Dudan - Founder and CEO - AdvantaClean


   Founder and CEO Jeff Dudan is responsible for the direction, development, and expansion  of the AdvantaClean network since      its inception. In the wake of Hurricane Andrew, AdvantaClean was founded in 1994 with the goal of establishing a $1 billion              service brand. Jeff’s focus on developing the AdvantaClean brand centers around building leaders, lean operations coupled                with metrics-driven testing and measurement, servant leadership, and perhaps most importantly, corporate culture. Under                Jeff’s leadership, the AdvantaClean network has grown to over 225 franchise locations nationwide since 2008. Jeff holds a                bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Appalachian State University. He also coaches youth athletics and serves in an advisory            position to a 503(c) 3 youth organization.



                                                                                                    Matt Phillips - Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer - AdvantaClean                                                                                       Kevin Drudge - Chief Development Officer - AdvantaClean

                                                                             Matt Phillips - Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer                                                      Kevin Drudge - Chief Development Officer              


                                                                                                    Lindsay Lewis - Director of Finance and Accounting - AdvantaClean                                                                                         Denise Atkins - Vice President of Sales - AdvantaClean

                                                                            Lindsay Lewis - Director of Finance and Accounting                                                           Denise Atkins Vice President of Sales

                                        David Gould-Vice President of Franchise Operations

                                     David Gould- Vice President of Franchise Operations

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