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Mold Warning Signs

December 4, 2012 0 Comments
Mold Warning Signs

Mold can be pretty sneaky, but more often than not – mold gives obvious warning signs to if and where it might be growing.

  • Sunken areas in baseboards or trim.
  • Separation of the baseboard from the wall or floor.
  • Whitish mats under carpet, linoleum, in cabinets, or even behind furniture.
  • Mushroom-like growths on rotten wood on the underside of flooring or cabinets.
  • Staining, swelling, or crumbling of plaster or sheetrock.
  • Discoloration (blackish staining) around air conditioning vents.
  • Vinelike branches from the soil to the foundation, framing, or underside of flooring. (These are usually white, black, or brown.)
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