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Basement Waterproofing

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What is Causing my Basement Moisture Control Issue?

Basement moisture control issues lurk anywhere building components are below grade. Most basement moisture or basement humidity control issues result from:

  • Improper exterior grading
  • Insufficient guttering or downspouts
  • Lack of air circulation or conditioning
  • Cooler surface temperatures below grade

Is my Musty Basement Really a Problem?

Damp basements can lead to mold, mildew, and other biological growth… And that musty smell is the byproduct of active growth.

The key to basement mold control is basement waterproofing and humidity control – if mold is a problem in a home, it needs to be remediated, and the sources of moisture need to be eliminated. Depending on the severity, moldy conditions can lead to rot, structural damage and a variety of health problems for 

Basement mold and moisture problems

susceptible individuals.

While the lack of a basement ventilation system and/or basement dehumidifier can contribute to basement humidity control issues, improper construction or maintenance, lack of landscaping or improper grading and lack of and rain gutters can also contribute to basement moisture control issues.


Basement Waterproofing Solutions can Include:

  • Proper grade around the home directing moisture away from the structure.
  • Installing, repairing or cleaning gutters and downspouts.
  • Adding downspout extensions and exit lines to move water further from the home.
  • Interior or exterior waterproofing.
  • Installing basement ventilation systems, conditioning systems, or basement dehumidifier systems.

What are Basement Ventilation Systems?

Basement ventilation systems condition or exchange the air in the basement to regulate temperature and moisture content.  These basement ventilation systems may work off of exhaust and intake fans, basement dehumidifier systems or a combination of both.

  • Exhaust and intake fans exchange the air in the basement with fresh air from outside of the home when the conditions are favorable.
  • Basement dehumidifier systems may be necessary in excessively damp basements, or where outside air exchange may not be possible. Installing a basement dehumidifier system removes excess moisture from the air.

Basement dehumidifier systems and basement ventilation systems work to dry and circulate air through the basement to create an environment that does not contribute to mold growth, eliminating that musty basement smell. 

Basement Dehumidifier Systems

AdvantaClean can diagnose your basement moisture control and basement mold issues by properly identifying, recommending and implementing corrective actions.  Our basement ventilation system experts and mold specialists can perform professional mold remediation in conjunction with addressing the basement moisture source-- from simple repairs to comprehensive basement ventilation systems and basement dehumidifier installations.

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